An immersive experience showcasing the places and attractions available to explore across Wales in real life

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In partnership with the Welsh government’s tourism organisation Visit Wales. The brief was to create an engaging, immersive experience to inspire and encourage future tourism through showcasing the range of experiences, places and attractions available to explore across Wales in real life.

The prospective broad audience demanded the space be highly accessible to users from all age groups and technology capabilities and easy and enjoyable to navigate, via desktop, mobile or VR headset.


Successfully launched in May 2024, the Wales Metaverse heralded Wales as the first country in the UK to enter the metaverse and promote itself in this highly immersive and innovative way.

Visitors can navigate the Welsh-inspired landscape as a virtual version of themselves, whilst seeing a snapshot of the country’s culture and heritage through a range of features.

Anyone entering the Wales metaverse can take on quests, including collecting dragons hidden across the ‘island’, and building a virtual interactive itinerary which showcases real-life places to stay, attractions and events.

The Visit Wales metaverse is hosted on and open to the public, accessible via a standard web browser on smartphone, desktop, and VR headset.

To explore Wales in the metaverse, visit