Virtual Venues

Delivering bespoke virtual venues to the metaverse produce market leading visual designs perfect for transposing onto the metaverse for virtual venues. With a solid and experienced team, we can equip you with skill, imagination, creativity and knowledge to develop any of your virtual venue ideas. Our mission is to bring out the imagination in your ideas and build the most compelling virtual venues within the metaverse. 

iCreate for Virtual Venues

iCreate specialises in creating and developing incredible virtual venues in the metaverse. We use our experience and expertise to creatively blend your ideas into the virtual world. We work with businesses, brands and individuals to produce a fantastic experience virtually. There’s nothing better than handing over our work knowing that our customers are grateful for making their ideas possible.

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What sort of Virtual Venues can be placed in the metaverse?

The canvas is completely blank on this one. We can construct buildings like homes or offices, meeting rooms, showrooms, entertainment venues, games rooms, networking venues, tourism and more. Let’s expand a bit and give you some ideas…

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Offices, headquarters, virtual getaways

We can produce virtual holiday homes that take you away from the world or we can put your big plans of a new office block into animation. Why not put your team into a virtual building before you decide to build a new one! Or why not create a virtual venue to accommodate other businesses? There’s no jet lag between putting on your virtual headset and arriving at a virtual hotel on exotic land in the metaverse.


Conferences, meeting rooms, lounges

The first thing that springs to mind here is a place that holds conferences, meetings and social gatherings. A virtual venue doesn’t have to be formal; we can create something business orientated or hobby orientated, again the canvas is completely blank. The internet allows like minded people to come together and communicate; the metaverse is the latest layer to this platform. When it comes to networking virtual venues are a great place for out of the box thinking, the creativity of a virtual environment brings a whole different energy to networking.

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Games rooms, escape rooms, quiz rooms, quests

Remember the excitement we all had on a Friday or Saturday night watching Crystal Maze, Gladiators and Robot Wars…well the fun doesn’t have to end there! We can develop games rooms, escape rooms, quizzes, quests or anything else that springs to mind! Whether you want to build a virtual venue for your employees to team build or maybe create a futuristic tourist attraction for a brand or just a place for fun…we welcome any ideas!  


Training, hobby groups & metaverse forums

It’s always nice to have interests & hobbies and the metaverse can be the place to bring people together. There are various ways to do this from bringing a book club together through to creating a forum for your football club. As social networking expands online, the metaverse will be the latest place to gather and share your thoughts, knowledge and experiences. A virtual venue sounds like a great place for presentations, teaching, learning and idea sharing.

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Can virtual venues boost business?

iCreate work with businesses to help them reach new heights in their industry. The Metaverse is new the place to be for business owners looking to expand their reach. There are more than twenty million active users currently in the Metaverse and that number will only increase in the coming years. As you can see there’s value in this space for your business, with an exceptional pool of potential customers waiting to hear about what you have to offer!

Do you have a Virtual Venue in mind?

If you have an idea in mind the best thing to do is to share it with professionals like ourselves and we can run through everything with you. Whether your idea is just a brief thought we can start a discussion today to get the imagination flowing. You can walk away and ponder. Or you may have a detailed plan in mind and wish to know if we can take on bigger projects. We are an ambitious team who have produced fantastic work on larger projects already, we welcome any opportunity of any size.

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The metaverse is a collective virtual space where users can interact and experience digital objects, places, and characters. Here’s how it would work: A person creates an avatar that looks like him or her, which they can customise to their liking. Then, the user can visit 3D virtual spaces created by other users who wish to share their worlds. The user can have conversations with these users right in these virtual spaces, in real-time.

The metaverse has become a place for unlocking new marketing opportunities. People are able to create digital avatars and then interact or socialise in the metaverse. Big Brands are already starting to capitalise on marketing using different metaverse platforms. Separate to marketing, companies are also creating virtual workplaces for their employees and customers. Another use case for the metaverse is tourism, where people can visit virtual venues such as hotels. The final use case worth mentioning is learning, the metaverse is a great place for education and learning new skills.

Metaverse has the potential to be one of the next big things on the internet. As more companies join in, businesses will be able to use their own specific metaverse for developing their company’s brand in virtual venues. So, what does this mean for us? Basically, we are looking forward to an experience that combines worlds and habits of different ages and generations in a metaverse where we can walk on real streets using our VR/AR glasses.

The metaverse is a virtual reality or a virtual world that can be accessed through computers and the internet. This allows users to create their own avatars and assets on these spaces in the metaverse. The metaverse could have various features, such as interactivity, interoperability and corporeality, among others. However, economic potential is one of the most important traits of the metaverse because it gives rise to a new economy with numerous opportunities for businesses to emerge.

Metaverse companies have the option to offer services in the metaverse. On the other hand, some of these companies are exploring the prospects for a metaverse company by bringing their existing offerings into the metaverse. For instance, estate agent services could offer a virtual apartment in their metaverse company. Further, they can also draw upon virtual world technology such as holography and 3D modelling to develop new products or services in this sphere. In addition to this, they could also offer opportunities as a service provider to organisations who want to experiment with their own Metaverse company. If you wish to know more about our Virtual Venues, contact us today.