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An introduction to our metaverse company

Our metaverse company provides market-leading metaverse consultancy for brands and businesses across the world. The businesses which choose to work with iCreate, have access to our fantastic team of experienced 3D modellers and metaverse developers. If you’re looking for a metaverse company to co-create the most aesthetic bespoke virtual spaces, you have come to the right place. At iCreate, we have a passion for the work we do and setting the metaverse a light!  So, if you have an idea or a vision, don’t hesitate to share this with us. We’ll bring your ideas to the metaverse in style!

More about our metaverse company

We have two decades of experience in the architectural visualisation industry. This has given us a fantastic portfolio for creating unbelievable virtual environment experiences and CGI animations for different businesses. Our visualisation studio has been developed specifically to meet the demands of the market and put us in a position to be one of the leading metaverse companies in the world. So, if you’re looking for a metaverse company to provide market-leading metaverse solutions for branding, advertising, or marketing, choose iCreate today. We will be the metaverse guru you need for adding value in this fast pace technological environment.

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A knowledgeable metaverse company for marketing

When choosing a metaverse company for marketing you need to be sure you’re going to get an immersive experience for branding and marketing. At iCreate, we can take your original branding and marketing and raise the game in the metaverse! Our skill sets are varied and packed with imagination and creativity. We have superb marketing acumen too and so all of our knowledge and experience together brings a value-added metaverse marketing solution. As we all know, the metaverse is predicted to be a massively powerful tool for branding and marketing launches in the future. Therefore businesses are jumping in as early as possible – to get on the right side of the curve!

Wondering how a metaverse company delivers the perfect marketing experience?

Looking back on traditional mediums for marketing, there have been many ways audiences have been captivated over the years. Traditional marketing methods involved print in brochures, newspapers, and magazines. Within the early digital era, we saw the rise of new technologies which enabled video marketing on television and in cinema. Then of course the internet became the new thriving place over traditional marketing mediums and opened up new boundaries for marketing. Well, the next level of progression is now the metaverse! This brings a new layer to the internet incorporating the technology of AR and VR. This will bring a ‘next-level’ experience of marketing to consumers and engage with their emotions in a way never been done before. And with a metaverse company like iCreate, your company can be at the forefront of your industry. Contact us today and receive advice from a market-leading metaverse business.

A metaverse company that will light up your products and services

Not too dissimilar to the experience we can deliver for marketing, we can replicate for advertising. One can lead to the other. Depending on the scope, we can put your brand, products, and services in the right place to be seen by many. For example, if the scope is to create a virtual venue such as a virtual headquarters, this could incorporate a showroom display for advertising products or services. As we know, services aren’t always easy to market or advertise visually. However, (in this situation) we can use images, text, audio, and video to show a service explanation or customer review. The potential is absolutely phenomenal in the metaverse. Are you looking for a metaverse company to drive your business in the best direction forward in this space? Give us a call today!

What our metaverse company can do for you

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The benefits of our metaverse services

Already we see companies like Amazon and Adidas use the metaverse to boost their businesses. It’s no secret that the metaverse is becoming adopted as the new place to attract audiences. Brand launching, marketing, and adverting in this space can be extravagant, or subtle. You can use this space to create games for corporate events and incorporate your products and services subtly. Then with a larger budget, you can produce a captivating experience in the metaverse – accompanied with traditional means of advertising (to point your audience to your metaverse space). Otherwise, you can use headsets in your ‘digital showroom’, for people in major towns or at business events. The future of business will thrive in the metaverse, enabling your audience to be captivated outside of the physical world and into the virtual world. A place where minds are opened, imagination runs wild, and innovation thrives.

Metaverse Company FAQ

If you are wondering what the metaverse is, let us explain. The metaverse is a collective virtual environment where people can interact with digital objects, places, and characters. If you see the term digital twin, this is the terminology used when someone either creates a digital avatar of themselves or a digital product/venue within the metaverse. The metaverse has become a place of collaboration between teams, businesses, and other alliances. You can use this space for advertising, marketing, and tourism. Furthermore, the metaverse can be a place for social networking, education, and learning.

At iCreate, we can provide your business with the most exciting opportunities within this space. We have a solid experienced team that will deliver above and beyond your expectations. In the world of 3D modelling, we are leading the market already. We all know the potential in this new arena, it’s just a matter of seizing the opportunity in front of us. Pick iCreate as your metaverse company and your ideas will flourish beyond your dreams!