Metaverse Office Spaces

Market-Leading Bespoke Metaverse Office Spaces For Businesses work with businesses across the world to design and develop their own Metaverse office spaces.  This enables their workforce to work remotely but still enables social interaction with their colleagues on the other side of the city or the world.  We can create your own branded Metaverse office space either from your real-life business premises or a completely new office with any look or feel you desire.  We work with the leading Metaverse platforms such as EngageVR, Spatial & Horizon to ensure your business is on the cutting edge of VR and virtual technology for your Metaverse office spaces.

Metaverse Office Spaces

Why use us for your custom Metaverse office spaces?

iCreate is a leading metaverse studio with two decades of experience and an impressive track record in creating amazing virtual environments and CGI animations for clients in a variety of industries. We specialise in designing and developing class-leading & bespoke metaverse headquarters for companies to use in training sessions, meetings, events, to collaborate on projects or just to interact with colleagues. We strive to bring our client’s visions to life through awesome Metaverse office spaces where the only limit is imagination.

We believe the future is now and are dedicated to helping businesses like yours embrace cutting-edge technologies.  Speak to one of the team today about designing and developing your own Metaverse office space & let’s embark on the digital workplace future together.

What can you do with your own Metaverse Office Spaces?

 iCreate designs and develops virtual reality (VR) office spaces for businesses, allowing employees to collaborate in a simulated office environment. This is more than a Zoom call; it’s like actually being in the same room with your co-workers. The spaces are created using leading Metaverse platforms and can be customised for each company’s needs and brand. Within these spaces, workers can play videos,  hold presentations, write on whiteboards and even conduct virtual meetings where all parties have a physical presence, making the meeting more interactive & personal.

Here are just some of the benefits of building your own Metaverse office spaces for your business:

Virtual Metaverse Office Spaces
Metaverse Office Events

Product Launches, Events, Customer Experiences.

Metaverse office events are designed to bring people together to discuss and share products, services, and creative works. We believe that the metaverse is an incredible place to cultivate creativity, inspire collaboration, and build relationships.  

Imagine the power of hosting a product launch in your own branded Metaverse office and having people from all around the world attend without the need of expensive and time-consuming travel. 

Its technology such as this which is revolutionising the fashion industry as we speak, but can also be adapted to any business.  

metaverse Office Training

Train staff face to face in a remote interactive setting.

Your bespoke Metaverse office space can be used to host interactive training sessions where the presenter can be live in a room of trainees.  You will have the ability to physically interact with whiteboards, show videos and demonstrate your business’s processes while maintaining a physical and personal presence during the training sessions from anywhere in the world.

training virtual office venues
Metaverse office spaces meetings

Metaverse Office Meetings 

Take your video meetings to the next level!

Its Monday morning and you need a meeting with the team who work remotely.  With a Metaspace office space, you can gather around a virtual table and host your business meetings like never before.  Use hand gestures, move around your environment and interact with the participants from any location.

How adpoting a Metaverse Office Space can boost your business!

Businesses are flocking to the Metaverse due to its ability to boost brand awareness and expand reach. The virtual space has become an attractive option for companies looking to grow their business.

The Metaverse is a digital platform that allows users to connect with one another, creating a new digital space separate from the physical world. The platform allows businesses to advertise their products to millions of potential customers through amazing new technology channels which make them stand out from the competition. The number of active users on the Metaverse has reached over 20 million and is expected to increase exponentially over the coming years, meaning there will be plenty of potential customers for your business!

If your company is looking to break into the metaverse industry, we can help. We provide expert metaverse office spaces for startups and established companies alike. We’ll assess your needs and goals, and we’ll create a plan with you to help you reach them. We’ve done it for hundreds of different companies—why not yours? Already, we’re seeing companies like Amazon and Adidas use it to help boost their businesses. And if you want to be part of that future, you need to get involved with metaverse technology now!

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