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iCreate are virtual reality designers that specialise in the creation of virtual worlds, perfect for metaverse movie production. Our unique approach to design has made us one of the leading companies in the industry.

Virtual Reality Specialists

The world of virtual reality is still young and we are yet to see the full potential of Metaverse Movie Production. The way that virtual reality can captivate an audience makes it the perfect tool to push the boundaries of what’s possible in storytelling. One of the most exciting things about virtual reality films is that they allow viewers to experience a story from multiple points of view. This means you can watch a movie and feel like you’re actually there with the characters, rather than just watching them on screen and it’s an experience that can’t be replicated in any other medium.

Another exciting thing about virtual reality films is that they can be used in tandem with other forms of media. For example, filmmakers have been using virtual reality as an add-on to traditional films so that viewers can see parts of the movie from different angles or even experience things that would otherwise be impossible (like being able to walk through a scene or interact with objects within it). This new way of storytelling has opened up many possibilities for filmmakers: from creating immersive environments where the viewer feels like they’re actually inside the story (such as an amusement park ride), to putting viewers into situations where their senses are at heightened levels (such as being underwater).

Pick iCreate for Metaverse Movie Production

Whether your business is looking to launch a short or full-length movie, at iCreate we’ve got you covered. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to producing VR experiences perfect for metaverse movie production. Our team of experienced 3D modelers and metaverse developers will work with you to co-create the experience you are looking to deliver. No matter how small the idea is, feel free to get in touch with our team. Quite often, just sharing your ideas with one of our designers can spark creativity and evolve an idea into something bigger than you first imagined. Our team is passionate and ambitious, we have had a lot of success in the modelling industry so far and we go the extra mile to deliver incredible virtual experiences that meet your metaverse movie production requirements and exceed your expectations.

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iCreate for Metaverse Documentary Production

Our Metaverse Movie Production team will help get your metaverse documentary off the ground. We specialise in creating virtual experiences which are perfect for documentaries. We can work with you as the documentary director to create an experience that will thrill audiences and make them feel like they’re part of the documentary. We have a team of 3D modelers and metaverse developers who are passionate about making your vision a reality.

Could we help create a virtual experience as an extra feature for your film?

Maybe you left your blockbuster movie on a cliff-hanger but you have an idea to release a sequel that will involve metaverse movie production. At iCreate, we are keen to speak to you. Our team has CGI experience and can assist you with movie production. Your second film might be interactive with virtual reality and therefore be set out completely different – which could work out well as people don’t compare the sequel to the original film. Depending on the narrative you could completely throw your audience by re-telling the same story but from a completely different angle, which adds a twist or two. These are just a few ideas, at iCreate we don’t write scripts for films but we can assist with virtual reality and metaverse movie production.


iCreate has at least two decades of experience in creating amazing virtual environments and CGI animations for clients. Our metaverse studio has been strategically developed to meet the growing desire for metaverse movie production. We can deliver bespoke environments, custom 3D worlds, and interactive situations perfect for movie production.

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Contact iCreate for Metaverse Movie Production

iCreate is highly experienced in modelling and building 3D virtual environments. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any ideas that you have for short or full-length movies. It will be a pleasure to go through your ideas and show you how our amazing team can help you.