Metaverse Consultancy

Working with businesses to leverage metaverse applications and developement provide market-leading Metaverse Consultancy for businesses and brands across the world. You’ll be working with a team of experienced 3D modellers and metaverse developers who will work with you to co-create the perfect aesthetic for your bespoke virtual space. We’re passionate about helping our clients realise their visions, and we’ll do everything we can to deliver awesome virtual spaces that meet your design requirements and exceed expectations.

metaverse consultancy

Why use iCreate for Metaverse Consultancy?

 iCreate is a leading metaverse consultancy studio with two decades of experience and a solid track record in creating amazing virtual environments and CGI animations for clients. Our metaverse architecture studio has been developed to meet the rapidly growing desire for spaces and places in the metaverse. Our experienced art directors and 3D visualizers are ideally placed to provide class-leading metaverse consultancy to companies, events, and brands to take their first steps into immersive virtual environments!

We strive to bring our clients’ visions to life, creating awesome virtual spaces where the only limit is imagination. We pride ourselves on being a value-added partner in this fast-changing sector.

We are more than just Metaverse Consultancy...

Bespoke virtual offices, custom 3D worlds, virtual brand product launches, and consultancy are all possible with’s metaverse services. 

We offer a range of virtual meeting solutions, from simple virtual meeting rooms to immersive and bespoke 3D virtual experiences on platforms such as Horizon and  We offer custom-built environments for product launches & marketing events and help consult your business on the best ways to implement this technology into your companies marketing vision. We aim to help make your vision a reality, delivering high-quality work in virtual spaces that are limited only by your imagination. In an industry known for its hype, we try to bring a fresh, honest approach.

Here are just some of the services we can provide alongside our Metaverse Consultancy service:

Consultant For Metaverse Office

Consultancy on Metaverse Office Environments

 Imagine a virtual headquarters for your company, with multiple zones and different spaces where you can meet, socialise and even collaborate on work projects in real-time. You could even host events or product launches.  Speak to us today to discuss your options and we can help your business stand out from the crowd.

metaverse brandzones

Product Launches, Events, Customer Experiences.

For product launches, bespoke events and customer experiences, we’ll partner with you to create a home for your brand on the metaverse, on whichever platforms you choose.

Metaverse brand consultancy
metaverse consultant for businesses
Metaverse Meetings

Get Metaverse Consultancy on Virutal Meeetings.

We can work with you to design, build and develop a custom virtual meeting space in the metaverse that can be used to host business meetings across the world and bring an element of connection like never before.

How Working With A Metaverse Consultancy like iCreate Will Boost Your Business

The future of businesses is here and it’s in the Metaverse! It’s no secret that the Metaverse is the place to be for businesses looking to boost their brands and expand their reach. But what makes it such an attractive option?

The Metaverse takes you beyond the physical world and into a digital one. It’s a place where you can connect with people from all over the world, making it easy for you to spread your ideas and products far beyond the reach of your local community or even regular marketing means. In fact, there are more than 20 million active users on the Metaverse already and that number will increase exceptionally over the coming years, which means there are plenty of potential customers waiting to hear about your company!

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, we can help you find your way through the Metaverse jungle. We’ll give you expert metaverse consultancy and help you map out where you want to go, and what it’ll take to get there. We’ve done it for hundreds of different companies—why not yours?  Already, we’re seeing companies like Amazon and Adidas use it to help boost their businesses. And if you want to be part of that future, you need to get involved with metaverse technology now!


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