Virtual Metaverse Consultancy Experts
Virtual Metaverse Consultancy Experts

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Are you looking for a Metaverse Agency that will create the perfect virtual environment for your business?

iCreate are a Metaverse Agency specialising in creating immersive, interactive experiences for brands, products and services. We help clients build digital presences and communities in the metaverse, so you can engage with your customers and build brand loyalty from your high street stores or even the comfort of your customer’s homes.

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A Metaverse Agency providing the full package

Whether your business is looking to launch a new brand or enhance your customer experience with VR, we’ve got you covered. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to producing VR experiences that will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Unlike other Metaverse Agencies, we are not just a marketing middleman for the metaverse. Our team is made up of both experienced designers and consultants, which has been a major part of our success so far.

Why pick iCreate as your Metaverse Agency?

If you choose iCreate as your Metaverse Agency, you will be working with a team of experienced 3D modelers and metaverse developers. Our team will work with you to co-create the experience you are looking to deliver in a bespoke virtual space. No matter how small the idea is, feel free to get in touch with our Metaverse Agency. Quite often, just sharing your ideas with a Metaverse professional can spark creativity and evolve an idea into something bigger than you first imagined. At iCreate, we are passionate about supporting the visions of our clients. Our Metaverse Agency will go the extra mile to deliver incredible virtual experiences that meet your design requirements and exceed your expectations.

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Experienced Metaverse Agency

iCreate are a leading metaverse agency with two decades of experience and a solid track record in creating amazing virtual environments and CGI animations for clients. Our metaverse studio has been strategically developed to meet the growing desire for spaces and places in the metaverse. We can deliver bespoke virtual offices, custom 3D worlds, and virtual product launches. Our work as a metaverse agency will naturally market and advertise your product or services. By creating a virtual experience for your products and services, you show the world that your business is up to date with the latest technology and moving with the modern era.

Looking for inspiration from our Metaverse Agency?

If you are looking for a virtual meeting solution, we can provide you with a simple but slick virtual meeting room. If you wish to take your virtual environment up a few gears we can spend time providing an immersive and bespoke 3D virtual experience on major platforms like Horizon and At the moment businesses are contacting our Metaverse Agency for the following:


Metaverse Agency For Virtual Environments

We have the skills in our team to produce a virtual headquarters for your business. In your HQs, you could have multiple zones for different departments or purposes. This virtual environment could be designed to boost creativity on different projects in your workplace. A virtual environment might be a good place to present sales/business updates to your team or even an interesting place to carry out staff appraisals! Or we could just create a virtual environment for your staff to take a break and socialise. People are naturally drawn to positive and fun environments. 

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Product / Service Launches, Customer Experiences

Because the metaverse era is only just beginning, you are likely to tick more than just one marketing box when you place your business in a virtual environment. The earlier you are, the more chance you have of catching the attention of different media companies. This may open up advertising opportunities, brand awareness as well as a fresh opportunity to market your product or service differently from your competition. For product and service launches, bespoke events, and customer experiences; we’ll partner with you to create the best virtual experience for your business.

Still not sold on the idea of using a Metaverse Agency?

We can only think that the same people who didn’t think the internet would take off are now squishing the idea of the metaverse being the next layer of digital space. Future generations may laugh at us one day for using 2D images on our phones and computers to interact with businesses for tasks like online shopping. “Why would you sit and look at a flat screen Grandad, when you can put on a VR headset and shop in a 3D environment?” Hopefully, that comment doesn’t come around too quickly…right? 😊

The Metaverse is a place where you can connect with people from across the world. It’s a place for sharing ideas and products far beyond the reach of your local community or traditional marketing resources. At the time we published this web page there are more than 20 million active users on the Metaverse already. The days of creating virtual environments are still early, the numbers are predicted to increase exponentially over the coming years. Contact us today and learn about what type of virtual environment our Metaverse Agency can offer you.

iCreate are highly experienced in modelling and building 3D virtual environments. Our work across the last two decades has proven effective for both start-up businesses and much larger organisations. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Metaverse Agency with any ideas that you have for small or large projects, it will be a pleasure to go through your ideas and learn about your business.