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iCreate are a virtual reality design company that specialises in the creation of virtual worlds, perfect for metaverse advertising. We help our clients create immersive experiences that allow consumers to interact with their products and services in a way that is more engaging than traditional advertising. Our unique approach has made us one of the leading companies in this field.

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Metaverse for advertising?

Our metaverses are created using cutting-edge technology, including augmented reality and virtual reality tools. They combine these technologies with our expertise in graphic design, audio production, and 3D modeling to create a truly immersive experience for users. Metaverse advertising allows companies to create an entire world around their product or service, which can be accessed by anyone with a VR headset or AR glasses. These worlds are full of interactive elements that allow users to engage with the brand’s offerings in a fun way, whether they’re visiting an amusement park or they are just walking around exploring the metaverse!

What could metaverse advertising look like?

Advertising at transportation stations and services: bus shelters, trams, train stations. The transportation systems within the metaverse (should this ever become “a thing”) are unlikely to be land based. Metaverse producers and designers may wish to add traditional transport into the metaverse to give users a more lifelike experience in the metaverse and attract wider audiences by curiosity more than anything. What is this incredible bus service in the metaverse that my grandson keeps talking about? Humour aside, anything more lifelike will help advertising as people do not like to be misled, so advertising a car brand with a flying saucer in the metaverse is probably out of the question.

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Maybe moving around the metaverse is more likely to be “on foot” (so to speak). It is possible you enter a room with a series of doors or a junction in the street with several avenues to walk down. Either way “outdoor advertising” could be a great option for businesses looking at metaverse advertising. Traditional advertising media coming into the metaverse could help companies promote their products and services in the same way as a billboard or poster advert does outside of the metaverse. In fact, people might be more likely to look around and notice adverts, as they are in the metaverse at their leisure (as opposed to robotically going to the shops to buy bread and milk or commuting to work, as they would outside the metaverse).

Which products or industries could benefit from metaverse advertising?


Maybe you’re business is launching a new SMART watch and you want to advertise its features for monitoring exercise and sleep. Or you have a new mobile phone with a new user interface that we could showcase in the metaverse. Yes, you can’t beat going into a shop and having a closer look at a new product. However, with the growth of online shopping, people are buying the latest technology based on a video they’ve watched or an internet article that they’ve come across.

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Fashion is a competitive business. To succeed, brands must reach consumers around the world, and they must do so in a way that reflects their brand’s identity. This means designing ads that appeal to both the target demographic and to the company’s values.


An advert that directs someone to a showroom within the metaverse, could offer your customers a more fashionable and fun experience. Virtual reality advertising is the latest way to reach customers, and it allows you to showcase your furniture products online. Customers can walk around and experience products without ever needing to leave their homes. This makes it easier for them to buy online later on.

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To our knowledge, it’s currently not conventional to advertise books or e-books in the metaverse. But let’s not rule the idea out completely. If we can create an interactive experience to draw an audience into a book or e-book for a famous person or for a story, then the potential is there for metaverse advertising.

Other Metaverse Advertising Opportunities

We can advertise anything. It’s unlikely that you would come to us just for a standalone poster image when the metaverse has better engagement potential with video or an interactive experience. Showcase the functionality of your new product in the metaverse with us today.

Could metaverse advertising boost leads or sales?

Companies are starting to use the metaverse to launch their new products but as we are so early it is difficult to say whether or not this is the absolute best advertising platform. However, as this is all so new – it gets people talking! When you look through our history of technology, advertising has followed many communication technologies (radio, television, mobile phones, web 2.0), the metaverse could be a gold mine for advertising. In the past gaming was a more of a teenage phase but millennials in particular still game and are open to new technologies, the audience is wider than you might first think. At iCreate, we help businesses reach new heights in their industry. Our virtual reality design services could be the perfect match for your Metaverse Advertising ideas. Get in contact and expand your reach with metaverse advertising, let’s explore the potential of advertising in this new virtual world.

Let’s discuss your metaverse advertising ideas

If you have a metaverse advertising idea in mind, we’d love to hear from you! Whether your idea is just a brief thought or if you have a detailed plan in mind, we can help get your imagination flowing. Our team has produced fantastic work on larger projects already, so we welcome any opportunity of any size.