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Decentraland Development

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Putting You At The Forefront Of The Metaverse

As a Decentraland Developer we are well equipped with the skills, experience and passion for metaverse technology.  We are able to design and develop unique features within the virtual environments that we create.

Decentraland Developer

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Incorporated into the Decentraland metaverse space are virtual shopping malls, casinos, galleries and venues for events. Decentraland attracts people towards the concept of using the metaverse to create buildings, hold conferences, exchange things, launch products or brands, throw parties/celebrations, or even create an environment for quests etc.

The Decentraland platform can be used as a place for business and/or social purposes. You can add anything into the mix such as products, collectables, NFT’s, music, artwork, gaming, videos, architecture, networking places, hobby/interest groups…the list goes on. What our Decentraland Developers can produce within the metaverse goes beyond the imagination of the average person, the days in this industry are still very early.

Decentraland Developer - Services

So we have explained the basics of what we do and what the Decentraland platform is capable of. We hope at this point you are as excited as we are about the creativity involved and also the opportunities that we will give you access to. Our Decentraland Developers are ready to offer their skills and experience to you. Our work will be personalised to your vision, we will build on the layers of your imagination, as we develop your identity within the metaverse space.

We offer our services in any of the trending metaverse ventures:

Company virtual headquarters

Brand activations in the metaverse

Product launches

Bespoke NFT galleries

Exclusive online events

Virtual Meetings

We don’t limit ourselves to the projects above; we have listed them to give you an idea of what we can do. If you would like to speak to a Decentraland Developer, contact us today.

Why develop on Decentraland?

Decentraland is a great platform for us to produce your virtual world and provide you with content to monetise on if you require. The land within Decentraland is permanently owned by the community, giving us both full control over our creations. As we know, the virtual world is trending and people are using it for both leisure and work. Decentraland is different to some of the other virtual worlds and social networks because it is not controlled by a centralised organisation. A single source/agent cannot modify the rules of the software, or the contents of land, or prevent others from accessing the world. All of these things have contributed towards the growth of the platform since it was launched.

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Decentraland Developer - About us

iCreate are a team of professionals employed by a UK organisation. With the combination of skill and experience, we consider ourselves as market leaders in what we do. In the industry we are typically known for providing 3D modelling, rendering and animation services. A Decentraland Developer can captivate your vision, build on your ideas and produce work that we both jointly share pride in.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Decentraland is a great platform to build a perfect setting for a meeting. A lot of companies are already building Virtual Meeting spaces using Decentraland Developers already!

Community Hangout

Our Decentraland Developers can create a relaxed environment to bring out the fun in your network.

Sell NFT Work

What about a futuristic gallery for your NFT artwork? Discuss the possibilities with a Decentraland Developer today!

FAQ - Decentraland Developer

The metaverse is a collective virtual space where users can interact and experience digital objects, places, and characters. Here’s how it would work: A person creates an avatar that looks like him or her, which they can customise to their liking. Then, the user can visit 3D virtual spaces created by other users who wish to share their worlds. The user can have conversations with these users right in these virtual spaces, in real-time.

The metaverse has become a place for unlocking new marketing opportunities. People are able to create digital avatars and then interact or socialise in the metaverse. Big Brands are already starting to capitalise on marketing using different metaverse platforms. Separate to marketing, companies are also creating virtual workplaces for their employees and customers. Another use case for the metaverse is tourism, where people can visit virtual hotels among other places. The final use case worth mentioning is learning, the metaverse is a great place for education and learning new skills.

The metaverse is a virtual reality or a virtual world that can be accessed through computers and the internet. This allows users to create their own avatars and assets on these spaces in the metaverse. The metaverse could have various features, such as interactivity, interoperability and corporeality, among others. However, economic potential is one of the most important traits of the metaverse because it gives rise to a new economy with numerous opportunities for businesses to emerge.

Metaverse has the potential to be one of the next big things on the internet. As more companies join in, businesses will be able to use their own specific metaverse for developing their company’s brand. So, what does this mean for us? Basically, we are looking forward to an experience that combines worlds and habits of different ages and generations in a metaverse where we can walk on real streets using our VR/AR glasses.

Metaverse companies have the option to offer services in the metaverse. On the other hand, some of these companies are exploring the prospects for a metaverse company by bringing their existing offerings into the metaverse. For instance, estate agent services could offer a virtual apartment in their metaverse company. Further, they can also draw upon virtual world technology such as holography and 3D modelling to develop new products or services in this sphere. In addition to this, they could also offer opportunities as a service provider to organisations who want to experiment with their own Metaverse company. If you wish to know more about our Decentraland Developers, contact us today.