Bespoke Virtual Spaces

Delivering bespoke virtual spaces to the metaverse are a virtual reality market leader, specialising in bespoke virtual spaces. With a solid and experienced team, we can equip you with skill, creativity and knowledge to develop bespoke virtual spaces for you, or for your business. Our mission is to bring out the imagination in your ideas and build the most compelling bespoke virtual spaces within the metaverse.

Bespoke virtual spaces

With our experience and expertise, we artistically blend your ideas into the virtual world.  We work with businesses, brands and individuals to produce compelling virtual experiences.

bespoke virtual spaces

What sort of bespoke virtual spaces could we design into the metaverse?

We can construct buildings like homes or offices, meeting areas, showrooms, entertainment venues, games rooms, networking venues and more. Let’s expand a bit and give you some ideas of what a bespoke virtual space could be…

bespoke virtual spaces buildings


Offices, headquarters

We can put your big plans of a new office block into the virtual world. Why not put your team into a virtual building before you decide to build a new one! Or why not create a bespoke virtual space to accommodate other businesses? Feel free to get in touch with us at iCreate and share the ideas that could be great for your business.


Conference centres, meeting areas

A bespoke virtual space doesn’t need to be too formal or too serious, we can create something more fun and exciting. The internet has formed into the main place for networking, but the metaverse is the latest technology to build on. When it comes to networking, bespoke virtual spaces can be a neutral and comfortable place for people to gather. A bespoke virtual space could help creativity flow as the virtual environment is fun and brings a whole different energy to networking.

bespoke virtual spaces networking
games bespoke virtual spaces


Games rooms, interactive quiz rooms or quests in the form of an escape room

We can develop games rooms, escape rooms, quizzes, quests or any other idea that you might have for your business in the metaverse. For a national, international or global business; a virtual team building exercise could be a great way to get employees together. Or you may decide to create something that any business can use for team building, which would make you the facilitator for corporate team building exercises for different businesses.


Entertainment & metaverse forums

The metaverse could soon be the main place to bring people together for interests and hobbies. There are various ways to do this from bringing a pop group fan club together through to creating a virtual enterprise for your football club. Following on from the football club idea, you could have a virtual stadium tour with an experience to learn about the club and the players, and/or a place to advertise club merchandise.

bespoke virtual spaces stadium



ideas for the metaverse

Could bespoke virtual spaces help the growth of your business?

iCreate works with a wide range of different businesses; our work has helped many different businesses thrive and grow. The Metaverse is where business owners should look to expand their reach, with more than twenty million active users and growing. As you can see by the growth of the network already, there’s tremendous value in this space for businesses. At the moment some businesses are using the metaverse for product launches and marketing, however it could be a matter of time before the ideas we have mentioned take off and the metaverse grows like the internet did.

Don’t be the person that says “what if”, please get in touch with us, share your ideas and let’s see what we can do!

If you have an idea in mind, we’d love to hear it. Whether it’s a brief thought or a detailed plan, we’d be happy to brainstorm with you, give feedback and help bring your idea to life. We’re ambitious, experienced professionals who love a challenge – so if you have a big project in mind, we welcome any opportunity of any size. Let’s get the ball rolling for your bespoke virtual spaces!

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The metaverse is a collective virtual space where users can interact and experience digital objects, places and characters. In 3D bespoke virtual spaces, you can create avatars that look like you. You can also customise them to your liking. The metaverse also allows real-time communication between users in the same area, allowing for unlimited possibilities in exploring the world through our imaginations and dreams.

Big Brands and companies are using metaverse platforms to create avatars, socialise with each other, create virtual workplaces for their employees and customers and much more. The metaverse is also a great way to learn new skills, visit virtual hotels and experience tourism in a 3D world. The future of the metaverse is bright, with endless possibilities to unlock that haven’t even been thought of yet! Contact us today if you’re interested in a bespoke virtual space in the metaverse.

The Metaverse, or the Virtual Reality universe, is a term that was coined by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson. This concept is about a virtual space that can be accessed over the internet. When you enter the metaverse, you are given an avatar and set of tools and assets to create your own world on this platform. The metaverse could have various features such as interactivity, interoperability and corporeality, among others.

Metaverse will combine the current internet and digital world we live in with reality. The five things that make this possible are: virtual reality glasses, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, smart cities and IoT devices. The future of our economy is closely linked to what happens in the real world. By bringing these three worlds together, we can create augmented reality experiences based on the needs of companies and individuals.

The metaverse has drawn in some amazing high-profile companies across the globe to build new fantastic Metaverse companies. Some of these companies are exploring the prospects of a metaverse company by bringing their existing offerings into the metaverse through the use of virtual world technology such as holography and 3D modelling. Contact iCreate today and let’s create a compelling bespoke virtual space for your business.